The most influential movements in rap music started in the streets. Eager young entrepreneurs
like Baby Williams, James Prince and Coach K cleaned up their hustle money and built small
start-up labels like Cash Money, Rap-A-Lot and Quality Control into million-dollar empires.

Stories like these don’t happen too often, however, only once in a blue moon. But now, the game
has gone full circle, and a brand new movement is currently morphing from the mud of the
Mississippi Gulf Coast, set to infiltrate the suburbs and still earn respect from hustlers in the trap.

Organically growing from the ground up, this rapidly emerging revolution in music and business
is initiated by Gulf Coast game spitter Chris Davis via his company 80s Bred Productions. In
his music, Mr. Davis speaks directly to the paper chasers with grimy ghetto gospel, slick, d-boy
vernacular and gritty, chest-pounding production provided by in-house producer Jatida and
Heartbeatz (Boosie Badazz, Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates).

He celebrates the spoils of his shot caller status on runaway debut single “Big Dogg” and gives
just enough to keep them waiting for his upcoming album Fast Life Vol. 1 album set to be
released early 2019.

“My music is real rap music, real life experiences of the trap from the struggle to the bubble,”
Chris explains. “And then, I got Heartbeatz and Jatida on the tracks, it’s like I got KLC and
Mannie Fresh. I got both of them, so I got the best of both worlds.”

Born and raised in the bayou basin city Picayune, Miss., Chris was always in the midst of music.
His father played in bands while Chris was growing up, and his two brothers (one older and one
younger) played everything from drums, saxophones and guitars to drum machines, keyboards
and computer programs.

“My parents started buying us instruments since we were five years old, and my brothers taught
each other to play them.”

While his brothers were busy playing their music, Chris had other things in mind. “I was just a
writer. I used to make a couple of songs here and there, but it wasn’t serious to me,” he recalls.
“We were broke so at that time, I couldn’t rap about having something that I ain’t got.”

He continues, “I grew up in the struggle. It ain’t nothing down here in Picayune. Either you’re
hustling or you’re into sports. So I started hustling when I was 15.”

At a very young age, he jumped in the streets head first with the intentions of putting some dead
presidents in his pocket. While getting his stacks up, however, he ran into a huge snag.
Somehow, Chris found himself in the middle of a situation where he caught an aggravated
assault charges and served four years in prison.

“When I got out of prison, I was like ‘I’mma stay focused and get myself together,’” he admits.
“I always had a passion for the music. Both of my brothers are producers, so they always made
the music, but I wasn’t really focused on the rap. I was too busy being focused on the hustle until
I realized this is what I needed to do.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Chris got with his younger brother Jatida, who was already
making a name for himself as a producer, and teamed up with Heartbeatz. Since he began taking
his music seriously, Chris has recorded more than 50 songs.

He didn’t want to come with anything fake, so instead of rapping under a made up name, he
performs under the name that his parents gave him.

“I wanted to go by my real name because you’re getting all of me. This is nothing made up. It’s
all me,” he explains. “This is what Mississippi sounds like. We’ve heard what everybody else
sounds like but this is what Mississippi sounds like.”

That Mississippi sound must be appealing to the masses. Since starting his 80s Bred Productions
company last year, he has made major moves with blistering hot lead single “Big Dogg” and
much-awaited forthcoming mixtape Fast Life Vol. 1.

“At one point in my life, I couldn’t rap about the things that I rap about now, so I chose not to
rap, at all” says Chris Davis. “Now I’m at that point where everything has manifested and come
full circle, so now I can talk about these different things. My music is real rap. It’s me. I got my
own style. The music that I make sounds like nothing else out. I don’t sound like nobody but
Chris Davis.”

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